Paradise Cove Luau Paradise Cove Luau

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One of the most respected and the largest Luau Shows on the Hawaiian Islands, Paradise Cove is the epitome and personalization of the great Hawaiian tradition, history knowledge and artistic skills.
Every evening the stage at Paradise Cove explodes with the beauty and excitement of the traditional songs and dances of Hawai’i and Polynesia. Award-winning dancers will entertain and amaze you with a performance that is as unforgettable as the perfect setting of Paradise Cove itself.
Programs Offered:
  • Five different Packages
  • Weddings and Personalized Events
  • Polynesian Games of Skill & Daring
  • Family Beach Activities
  • Polynesian story tellings & Life Music
  • Hawaiian Art & Craft
  • IMU Ceremony ( Hawaii’s only Imu Amphitheater where you will enjoy practices and rituals of ancient times, and traditional cooking in the Hawaiian underground oven)
Why you will love it…
Paradise Cove is 7 min walk or 2 min drive from your villa
You can practice your spear throwing and stone rolling skills, some of the ancient Hawaiian recreational sports which involved physical strength, stamina and precision
After visiting Paradise Cove, you have the skills to turn your backyard into your own IMU