Shangri-La Hawaii A Visit to Shangri-La, May 28, 2017

Located near Diamond Head, right outside Honolulu, Shangri-La is the name of an Islamic style mansion turned museum, build by the heiress Doris Duke during 1936-1938. As I was visiting this fascinating and detailed building, I was drawn into its art, furnishings and built-in architectural elements from Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Syria, Egypt and India.

She worked only with the best architects and designers of the 1930’s, who traveled from all over the world to create this masterpiece. Doris was also committed to her work of art, and ensured she had brought to Hawaii only the most unique, fascinating and lucrative pieces of art from these countries.

The outdoor landscaping blends the formality of an Indian Mughal garden and terraced water features with the intimacy of a private Hawaiian fishpond, tropical garden, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

It will be an educational experience for anyone interested in learning more about Shangri-La and Islamic Art.