Hollywood O'ahu, May 14th 2017

Snatched Trailer As Star Advertiser Honolulu newspaper mentioned in one if their latest articles on May 9th, new additions to the Ko Olina Resort in Hawaii have been drawing more tourists to the location, calling Ko Olina Resort the new Palm Beach.

Ko Olina and the West Coast of Oahu had been featured recently in the movie Snatched, which premiered this weekend for Mother's Day, starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. The story rebounds a mother and daughter, working out their differences while attempting to escape jungle adventures and unforeseen dangers.

The movie features the two Hollywood starlets around the beautiful aquamarine waters of Ko Olina, blending into the background of the Pacific Ocean and the Waianae Mountains. A perfect and natural movie set that welcomes its doors, landscape and beauty to you daily!